UPDATED : November 2011

Field in Rivera

31º 13’32.00’’ S.  55º 41’41.00’’ W.
This field is in Buena Unión. Take Route 5 towards Rivera, turn left at junction with Route 30. Drive further for 5 km. towards Tranqueras. The palms are located 200 m. away from the route, on a minor road.

Field in Artigas

30º 55’ 03.00’’ S.  57º 07’ 42.00’’ W.
This field is in Patitas. From Salto take Route 3 toward Artigas, and turn right onto the road leading to the Thermal Bath of Arapey. Once you arrive to the thermal bath, take the North minor road to Diego Lamas. Keep driving for 50 km. to find the field. You can drive on these minor roads all year round.As this is a rice-growing region, high-tonnage trucks can also use the roads.